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mod.io is a cross platform mod support SDK created by the team behind IndieDB.com and ModDB.com. Our aim is to make modding easy to support and accessible across every store, platform and device, by building a powerful but flexible API. On top of that API we are creating plugins for popular game engines such as Unity, Unreal, GameMaker 2 and Construct 2, a C/C++ SDK and wrappers for other programming languages (see our Github).

If you are familiar with Steam Workshop, mod.io should be easy to understand. Key functionality we offer is:

  • Fully hosted mod platform
  • Moderation tools built in
  • Powerful search, filtering, tagging and sorting
  • Ability to subscribe, rate and download mods
  • Attach metadata, versioning and other data to content
  • Support for mature content
  • Very customizable web UI

Where we differ from Steam Workshop is primarily driven by the open nature of our platform which is not tied to a client + SDK. Key differences include:

  • Our platform is clientless, 100% standalone it works behind the scenes
  • You can embed mod.io into your game on any store or platform that will support it
  • Patronage, donation and trading systems are coming
  • You or your community can build their own fansites or discord bots and embed them into your games homepage and/or launchers
  • We are a fast moving small company, we listen to our customers and don't have to apply rules globally that can be restrictive and not fit your use case
  • We allow you to communicate and interact with your players
  • For large studios and publishers we offer a self-hosted white label service that can be licensed if you require a private solution

Install instructions

If you are interested in supporting mods with mod.io, getting setup takes minutes:

  1. Add your game to our test environment or production
  2. Read our API documentation for an overview of how mod.io works
  3. Choose an Engine PluginAPI or SDK to integrate mod.io into your game and mod making tools
  4. Ready to launch? Add your game to our production environment then let's discuss promoting your release
  5. Need help? Our team is available on Discord to assist and our getting started guide has more information for you


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